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Aaron Shapiro is a Director of Photography and technical 3d artist, living in sunny Los Angeles, Ca. He graduated with B.F.A. in Film- Cinematography from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Ca. In addition to being a DP, he is also an experienced Gaffer, 1st AC, and camera operator, and gimbal operator on rollerblades. Since finishing film school, he has worked on numerous films, commercials, and music videos. When he's not on set, you will find him somewhere in the world with his photography camera taking beautiful landscape and architecture photos. He has a strong appreciation for organic symmetry, color contrast, Classic Hollywood/Film Noir aesthetics and has been able to incorporate them into his contemporary visual style.  But can adapt to any any style needed for a project.  During the pandemic, became a 3d artist utilizing Blender. Followed by working as technical 3d artist, tasked with game ready assets, architectural pre-vis, and environment creation. Currently working with Virtual Production Partners as Visual Lead. 



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